баскет команда- победитель 2014 The department was formed in 1996, based on the teaching staff of general university department of physical education. The staff of the department includes faculty with expertise in student sports. Head of the department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Associate Professor Yuri Novitsky.

The primary objectives of the department as a university academic unit is to provide students with the educational process section of physical education and conduct sectional work with students of sports section of education.  

Sectional educational and training sessions are conducted in football, futsal, men's basketball, women's and men's volleyball, sports aerobics and fitness, athletics, swimming, types of wrestling, boxing and kickboxing, weightlifting, arm-wrestling, shooting with the bow, rowing Academic, rowing and canoeing, triathlon, chess, Water poll. p>

During the period of the Department of educational work that reflects the achievements of top athletes university gained a new level.


  • In the educational area - to provide students of NTU " KPI" theoretical and methodological knowledge in shaping the skills of healing , as well as organizational and methodological foundations of sporting perfection .
  • In scientific direction - form of teaching and research in the areas of sports and wellness technologies
  • In the educational and organizational direction - expand sport and technical support for:
  • Further involvement of students and faculty members to creating a culture of health and implementing a healthy lifestyle.
  • Expansion of student self-government within the sports associations.
  • Attraction and the formation of investment projects to promote the scientific , educational, sports and organizational activities in areas of major sports at the university.

At national and international level sporting achievements were such popular NTU "KPI" sports as sports aerobics and fitness ( Associate Professor, Honored coach of Ukraine beekeeping Tatiana and teachers Lozenko Natalia, Natalia V. Gradusova , Harachura Olga ), mini- football (Senior Lecturer Kryvenda Vyacheslav Sergeevich Zhuravlev and Sergey ) , women's volleyball and beach volleyball (Senior lecturer Tomaszewski Dmitry and Olga A. Kazarina teacher ) , men's basketball (senior lecturer Ustymenko Grigory ), rugby ( senior Lecturer and Honorary coach of Ukraine Leonid Denbnovetsky V. , teacher Sabirov Alexander S. ) , orienteering (Senior lecturer Uskova Svetlana M. ), rowing academic (Senior lecturer Timka Ivan ) triathlon (teacher Murawski Leonid V. ).

Since 1999, under the guidance of a teacher Diakov Oksana Verhiniyivny the university began to develop shooting with the bow. Among of team are winners of local and national competitions, and in 2005 restored the national team of the University of weightlifting under the guidance of a teacher Anatoly Krylov Gennadievich.

Since 2006, the University under the guidance of senior teacher Aheyeva Pavel Nikolayevich and senior lecturer Saienko Sergei Alekseevich began its development of a new kind of struggle - "andonly" (wrestling belts), in which university students have won the title of European champion and vice-champion of Europe in certain types of . Since 2008 Ageev PV was the progenitor of fighting in the University

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As part of teaching and instructional support staff of the department are 6 associate professors, candidates of pedagogical sciences, 2 Honored Coach of Ukraine, 1 master of sport of international class of the USSR, 1 Honoured Master of Sports of Ukraine, 12 masters of sport

To date, the lecturer of sports perfection of developing these sports:

  • Volleyball men ( Kazarina teacher Olga A. )
  • Volleyball women ( Senior Lecturer Tomaszewski Dmitry )
  • Beach Volleyball women. (Senior Lecturer Dmitry Tomaszewski and teacher Olga A. Kazarina )
  • Basketball men ( senior lecturer Ustymenko Grigory )
  • Boxing ( teacher Zapolzkiy Dmitry Petrovich)
  • Wrestling (Senior Lecturer Saienko Sergey )
  • Wrestling Greco -Roman ( teacher Saienko Sergey )
  • Judo (Senior Lecturer Ageev Pavel )
  • Sambo (Senior Lecturer Ageev Pavel)
  • Fight 'andonly "(senior teachers Ageev Pavel and Sergey Saienko)
  • Weightlifting (teacher Krylov Anatoly G.)
  • Boat and canoe kayak (Senior Lecturer Latyshev Eugene N.)
  • Rowing Academic (Senior Lecturer Timka Ivan)
  • Vodne polo (teacher Katchalov Alexander Y.)
  • Kickboxing (teacher Zapolskoho and Dmitry Petrovich)
  • Athletics (Senior Lecturer Prus Nadezhda)
  • Mini football (senior teachers Sergey Zhuravlev and Kryvenda Vyacheslav S.)
  • Swimming (teacher Dement'yev Anatoly).
  • Rugby (Senior Lecturer Denbnovetsky Leonid V.)
  • Dogfight (Senior Lecturer Ageev Pavel)
  • Sport Aerobics and Fitness (associate beekeeping Natalia, Natalia V. Gradusova teachers, Lozenko Natalia, Olga Harachura)
  • Orienteering (Senior Lecturer Uskova Svetlana M.)
  • Shooting a bow (teacher D'yakova Oksana Verhiniyivna)
  • Triathlon (assistant Murawski Leonid V.)
  • Football (Senior Lecturer Mohunko Alexander D., professor Kondratovych Andrew B.)
  • Chess (assistant George A. Timoshenko)

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