Department of Biomedical Cybernetics (BMC)

It trains specialists in the following educational programmes (EPs):

SpecialityName of the programmeLevel of higher education
122 Computer scienceComputer technologies in biology and medicineBachelor’s degreeMaster’s degree
Computer scienceMaster’s degree (of Science)PhD

The department trains specialists competent in the design, development and practical application of medical information systems, software and information technologies to solve applied and fundamental problems of biology and medicine; medical robotics and nanotechnology; medical systems for diagnostics and monitoring of the body; modelling and medical cybernetics; telemedicine.

The department’s specialists share their experience in developing advanced computer technologies and systems in the priority areas of artificial intelligence and automated medical decision-making systems. The department has developed new effective neural network architectures and technologies for the extraction of disease markers, which have been implemented to diagnose and predict the course of Covid-19, differentiate between chemoresistant and sensitive forms of tuberculosis, automatically determine the presence and degree of liver fibrosis, and diagnose coronary heart disease.

Graduates of the department work in the most prestigious branches and representative offices of foreign companies developing software and medical equipment (EPAM, Materialize, Samsung, etc.).

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