Student Life

Studentship is not only numerous exams, assessments, tests, essays and diploma theses. Student status provides four years of fun and unforgettable leisure time!

FBMI students are part of not only the educational and scientific work of the university, they also take an active part in the activities and events of the faculty, and some, if desired, even create and organize them as part of the FBMI Student Council. Every year, students hold Freshman’s Day, a Halloween quest, Secret Santa, a winter ball, charity fairs and much more!

Hostels Costs and How to Apply

For settlement into dormitory foreign student should:

  1. Go through PCR diagnostics for the absence of COVID-19 (Getman St., 3);
  2. Go through medical testing (3, Get’mana Str., 4th Floor, Room. № 413):
    • a blood test for HIV;
    • fluorography;
    • dermatologist examination;
    • physician  examination;
    • Malaria test.
  3. Obtain accommodation reference (building №31, room 2-03);
  4. In the administration of the campus, conclude a contract for accommodation (Yangel st., 22, hostel No. 3, first floor, room 9);
  5. Take a safety briefing, pay accommodation (a receipt for payment for accommodation is issued by the commandant);
  6. Obtain a pass to the hostel at the pass bureau (M. Braichevskogo St., 3., Entrance from the courtyard);
  7. After passing paragraphs 1-6, a foreign student can settle in a hostel.

Foreign students and audience of the Preparatory Department are provided with corridor-tipe and block dormitories (a block consists of: 2 rooms, 2-8 beds, WC + shower): Dormitory №  6  (18/20, Yangelya Str.); Dormitory № 18 (148, Borschagivska Str.); Dormitory № 19 (146, Borschagivska Str.); Dormitory № 20 (144, Borschagivska Str.).

Accommodation costs at corridor-type dormitories

Type of accomodationCost, UAN/montsAverage cost,USD/month
4-bed room accomodation68027,2
3-bed room accomodation90736,28

Accommodation costs at block dormitories

Type of accomodationCost, UAN/montsAverage cost, USD/month
4-bed room accomodation78031,2
3-bed room accomodation104041,6
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